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What makes a good microservice framework?

This is of course an entirely subjective opinion for most people however whilst I have been thinking about this and how it could be possible to score and rank the various frameworks I thought I would share a mind map I have made.

Nic Jackson Aug 21, 2016

My struggles with RPC

I have decided to write up my thinking on some investigation I have done with gRPC and protobuffers. At first I hated the concept as I was fully entrenched in the “Why use anything other than REST” camp, however from playing round a little with gRPC I am starting to feel that RPC with a DSL for defining contracts with protobuffers could be the way to go.

Nic Jackson Aug 19, 2016

A surgeon would always operate with eyes wide open : Why you need unit tests

This is just a short post but I wanted to explain an experience I had this week which reminded me why unit tests are so important in a codebase. We are working on creating a Swift package to send StatsD statistics as part of an experimental microservice we are building. Unfortunately the language is in the early stages and quite a lot of the networking stack in Core Foundation is not yet implemented and available for Linux.

Nic Jackson Apr 1, 2016

Micro Docker Images for Go Microservices

Unless you have been living in a cave on a deserted island in the middle of the pacific which has been wrapped in a faraday cage then you are probably talking about microservices and Docker. This is by far the best topic to get you a pay rise since you pretended to know what Agile is. In truth however microservices are really important for the way we work, they allow us to develop with independence, keep code contained by its function and if we are using Docker or another container technology, deploy exactly the same application we have just been running on our dev machines.

Nic Jackson Dec 1, 2015