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Scripting on the JVM

With the transition to a microservice architecture we are finding we need to create new services with an increasing frequency. The process behind getting a new microservice set up and ready for development is typically repetitive and fairly time consuming. So as with any such task automation seemed like a good idea. We already have a maven archetype in place to generate java projects however there are multiple other steps outside of the concern of maven that need to happen to get a microservice into an integration environment. For example a github repository is needed and all the generated code needs to be committed. Also we are using Ruby and Cucumber for BDD acceptance testing around our microservices, these need to be created and installed.

Mark Taylor Jan 22, 2016

From microservice to mini monolith and back again

Here at Not On The High Street we have made a commitment to Microservices. Our developers have agreed to the principle that “We don’t extend the mononoth” so all new features will be developed using a microservice architecture. There are no rules on languages used for these micro services, only that they will have to be built and maintained by the current teams.

Mark Taylor Dec 15, 2015